Mr. Kullen's

Health and PE


    Students at NFV are discovering new things every day! They are exposed to great educators that lead them to the water of knowledge and these students are ready to dive right in!  In our health education course, students explore ways to modify their behavior in health enhancing ways. They learn the different ways to access valid and reliable health information, analyze the influences in their lives, learn different communication skills, and learn how to set different health goals. The goal of this course is for students to leave with the skills necessary to effectively manage their health and enhance the quality of their personal, family, and community life. 


 This webpage is designed to help bring people outside of our class along with us on our journey.We will be posting information found in class discussions and projects that you will be able to use and apply to your life! So check out this site to see what your NFV students want you to know about health and the ways their knowledge can improve your life!